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Tennis is a very popular sport for bettors from all over the world, and many people use online as well as land based bookmakers to place bets on tennis matches. It is actually quite easy to win money on tennis betting as long as you know the basic principles of this business.

It is not easy to win money when you place a bet with a bookmaker because the odds that are offered to you are always calculated carefully. How else do bookies stay in business? Even if you win money now and again, you’ll always lose money in the long term. It is far simpler to participate in exchange betting where you bet against another bettor and not against the bookmaker.

You can place a back bet that a particular tennis player will win. Alternatively, you could place a lay bet that any player could lose. The odds in each case are made by the bettors themselves, depending on how much they are prepared to wager. The betting exchange uses software that matches the two types of bets together at the very time they coincide. The winner of the bet is credited with the amount just as soon as the match is over. The exchange takes payment in the form of commission.

There aren’t many betting exchanges in operation, but the ones that are available are extremely reliable and popular.

Tennis is a unique sport that gives you excellent opportunities to win money by betting thanks to its unique scoring system. Whereas other sports have a fairly simple scoring system in which the trailing side has to win the number of points they are lagging by in order to catch up with the leading side, it is not so in tennis. A player who has lost the first set can still win the match by putting on a better performance in the following sets. In fact, it is very common for the match to seesaw throughout and this can affect the player’s confidence

If you just bet on the final result of the match, you wont be able to earn much money. Instead, go for in-play betting whereby you place bets as the game progresses. If you are a keen follower of the sport then you’ll easily be able to use your knowledge to place back bets and lay bets on the same match but at different times. If you are able to do this well then you will win no matter what the outcome of the match is.

You’ll find that the game of tennis offers you great potential to earn money thanks to the way in which the odds fluctuate as the game progresses. Games like football, on the other hand, do not offer you this possibility because goals do not get scored very often. The other unique feature of tennis is that a draw is impossible and one side or the other has to win!

Therefore, you should take the time to study this game carefully because it is a very good one to specialise in as a bettor.